Welcome message from the Marketing Director

At Prestige Home Health Services, Inc., we value all relationships: present, past, and future, with our nexus of patients, family, caregivers and medical advisors. In as much truth that there is to our statement of quality home health service, we also believe and hope that we may, in due course, build trust with you. We, constantly, are updating our health team to provide you with a knowledgeable and competent staff and are making improvements in our systems to assure you service of the highest quality that we slowly built our reputation upon. We are committed to promoting and achieving the highest standards of home health services by developing an individualized plan of care designed to meet the specific needs of every client under the guidance and supervision of our medical advisors.If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 773.693.0100. We would like to thank you for choosing Prestige Home Health Services, Inc. as your home health care provider.


Jerry P. Hart

Marketing Director/Community Health Coordinator



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